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K-2 <br />PLACES OF HISTORICAL AND ARCHITECTURAL SIGNIFICANCE <br />The City Council may designate as historical property any building or part thereof, object, <br />structure, monument, or collection thereof having importance to the history or <br />architecture of the City of Newport Beach in accordance with the criteria set forth below. <br />The City Clerk shall maintain a register, which shall be known as the City of Newport <br />Beach Register of Historical Property. The City Council may at any time repeal, revise or <br />modify any such designation upon reconsideration of the historical or architectural <br />importance of the places therein described. <br />A. Criteria for Selection. <br />1. Property may be designated as historical property if it meets any of the <br />following standards of architectural significance: <br />a. Structures or areas that embody distinguishing characteristics of an <br />architectural style, period, or method of construction, or of <br />architectural development with the City. <br />b. Notable works of a master builder, designer, or architect whose style <br />influenced the City's architectural development, or structures <br />showing the evolution of an architect's style. <br />C. Rare structures displaying a building type, design, or indigenous <br />building form. <br />d. Structures which embody special architectural and design features. <br />e. Outstanding examples of structures displaying original architectural <br />integrity, structurally or stylistically, or both. <br />f. Unique structures or places that act as focal or pivotal points <br />important as a key to the character or visual quality of an area. <br />2. Property may be designated as historical property if it meets any of the <br />following standards of historical significance. <br />a. Sites and structures connected with events significant in the <br />economic, cultural, political, social, or civic history of the City of <br />Newport Beach, the County of Orange, the State of California, or the <br />United States of America. <br />