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position. Any other specific information will be dictated by the criteria set forth in the <br />Recruitment Brochure. <br />The purpose of the interim report is to allow City an opportunity to review the <br />candidates prior to the conclusion of the search, and it allows Consultant to receive <br />feedback on the caliber of the candidates recruited. In this way, City will not be surprised <br />by the candidates, as City will have seen their qualifications prior to the final interviews. <br />Of course, Consultant is flexible and may consider other individuals as final candidates <br />who are subsequently identified and were not included in the interim report. <br />Candidate Assessment <br />Consultant will interview (either in person or via videoconference) those candidates <br />whose qualifications most closely match the criteria established by City. Consultant will <br />examine their qualifications and achievements in view of the selection criteria. <br />Additionally, Consultant will verify degrees and certifications, and gather news articles via <br />the internet. <br />As part of Consultant's process in evaluating external candidates, Consultant will <br />make telephone reference checks. In conducting these references, Consultant shall to <br />speak directly with individuals who are, or have been, in a position to evaluate the <br />candidate's performance on the job. These references and Consultant's evaluations <br />provide the City with a frank, objective appraisal of the candidates. Following interviews <br />by the City, Consultant will conduct references for the top candidate and conduct <br />credit/criminal/civil litigation/motor vehicle record checks through an outside service (in <br />compliance with the new State law, criminal record checks will not be done until after a <br />conditional offer of employment is extended). <br />Candidate Interviewing <br />Consultant will assist City in scheduling final candidates for interview with City. In <br />addition, Consultant will prepare a brief written report for those candidates most nearly <br />meeting City's specifications, and will provide City with interviewing/selection tips, <br />suggested interview questions, and rating forms for City's use. Candidates will not be <br />ranked, for we believe it will then be a matter of chemistry between City and the <br />candidates. Consultant will conduct a "briefing session" immediately preceding City <br />interviews to make sure that the process flows smoothly, and will assist City in a <br />"debriefing" immediately following the interviews. Once Consultant finalizes references <br />on the top one or two candidates, Consultant will provide City with a detailed, <br />supplemental written report. <br />Client Meetings <br />Consultant shall conduct the following three (3) meetings with the City at a time to <br />be mutually agreed upon by the City and Consultant: <br />1. Meeting to develop the Recruitment Brochure; <br />2. Meeting to present the Interim Report; and <br />Roberts Consulting Group, Inc. Page A-2 <br />