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%WIP�Rr <br />e <br />f vCITY OF <br />U l NEWR* <br />C <br />FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE <br />July 30, 2018 <br />Closed Session Report Issued <br />Contact: Mary Locey <br />949-644-3031 <br />NEWPORT BEACH, CA— On Monday, July 30, at 9 a.m. the City Council of the City of Newport <br />Beach (City) convened for a special closed session meeting regarding the city manager <br />recruitment. At the conclusion of the closed session item, City Attorney Aaron Harp read the <br />below Closed Session Report. <br />The City's recruiting firm has counseled confidentiality throughout the City <br />Manager application and selection process. Excellent candidates are willing to <br />apply if they do not have to worry that their current employers question loyalty. <br />The City Council agreed unanimously in Closed Session to respect <br />confidentiality. <br />The Council agreed to interview seven of the 72 applicants. After a full day of in- <br />person interviews (previously held on July 23), three candidates received <br />majority support for final interviews. <br />The City's recruiting firm scheduled final teleconference interviews for August 13, <br />2018. <br />Within days, rumors circulated online that purported to disclose the name of one <br />or more of the final candidates. The Mayor called a special meeting that moved <br />up the August 13 interviews to, hopefully, stop the rumors and inaccuracies and <br />potentially lose good candidates for this most important position. <br />On Saturday, July 28, Council Member Jeff Herdman issued a public statement <br />regarding the qualifications of the final three candidates. His statement violated <br />the confidentiality he agreed to uphold and contained a number of inaccurate <br />statements. <br />