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Planning Commission Resolution No. PC2020-040 <br />Page 5 of 43 <br /> <br /> <br />SECTION 3. FINDINGS. <br /> <br />Koll Center Newport Planned Community Development Plan Amendment <br /> <br />An amendment to PC-15, which is the zoning document for the Property, is a legislative act. <br />Neither PC-15, Chapters 20.66 (Amendments) and 20.56 (Planned Community Development <br />District Procedures) of Title 20 (Planning and Zoning) of the NBMC, or Article 2 (Adoption of <br />Regulations) of Chapter 4 (Zoning Regulations) of Division 1 (Planning and Zoning) of Title 7 <br />(Planning and Land Use) of the California Government Code set forth any required findings for <br />either approval or denial of amendments to the NBMC. <br /> <br />However, the proposed residential overlay to allow residential and related uses within specific <br />(“Residential Overlay Zone”) areas of Office Site B is consistent with the intent of PC-15 and <br />consistent with the purpose of Planned Community Districts as specified in NBMC Section <br />20.56.010 (Purpose) for the following reasons: <br /> <br />1. The Residential Overlay Zone provides for the classification and development of 260 <br />additive residential units consistent with the goals and policies of the MU-H2 (Mixed-Use <br />Horizontal 2) land use designation and the ICDP and 20 percent density bonus of 52 <br />units for a total 312 residential units, while maintaining the business and professional <br />office park environment. <br /> <br />2. The Residential Overlay Zone is tailored for the Project and it includes density and <br />intensity, and development standards such as building height, setbacks, and parking. It <br />also includes general provisions for on-site circulation, loading, landscaping, signage, <br />lighting, and recreation and open space requirements to ensure the Project will be <br />compatible with the existing office developments within Office Site B. <br /> <br />Major Site Development Review <br /> <br />In accordance with Section 20.52.080(F) (Site Development Reviews – Findings and <br />Decisions) of the NBMC, the following findings and facts in support of such findings are set <br />forth: <br /> <br />Finding: <br /> <br />A. The proposed development is allowed within the subject zoning district. <br /> <br />Facts in Support of Finding: <br /> <br />1. The Property is located within Offices Site B which permits professional and business <br />offices, hotels and motels, retail, restaurants and entertainment, a courthouse, private <br />clubs, auto detailing and service stations. Currently, Site B only allows professional and <br />business offices, restaurants, and support commercial uses. The Project provides the <br />adoption of Residential Overlay Zone with provisions for residential development <br />consistent with the MU-H2 (Mixed-Use Horizontal 2) land use designation and the ICDP.