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Resolution No. 2021-2 <br />Page 5 of 8 <br />a. Substantial changes are proposed in the project which will require major <br />revisions of the previous EIR due to the involvement of new significant <br />environmental effects or a substantial increase in the severity of previously <br />identified significant effects; <br />b. Substantial changes occurred with respect to the circumstances under which <br />the project is undertaken which will require major revisions of the previous EIR <br />due to the involvement of new significant environmental effects or a substantial <br />increase in the severity of previously identified significant effects; or <br />c. New information of substantial importance, which was not known and could not <br />have been known with the exercise of reasonable diligence at the time the <br />previous EIR was certified as complete, shows any of the following: <br />The project will have one or more significant effects not discussed in the <br />previous EIR; <br />ii. Significant effects previously examined will be substantially more severe <br />than shown in the previous EIR; <br />iii. Mitigation measures or alternatives previously found not to be feasible <br />would, in fact, be feasible and would substantially reduce one or more <br />significant effects of the project, but the project proponents decline to <br />adopt the mitigation measure or alternative; or <br />iv. Mitigation measures or alternatives which are considerably different <br />from those analyzed in the previous EIR would substantially reduce one <br />or more significant effects on the environment, but the project <br />proponents decline to adopt the mitigation measure or alternative. <br />Section 6: The Project consists of the remaining 260 additive units allocated <br />essentially at the same location as identified in the ICDP and allowed by MU -H2 (Mixed <br />Use Horizontal 2) General Plan Land Use designation with a maximum allotment of 2,200 <br />residential units. The Project has a net developable residential area of 5.9 acres, which <br />includes the project site of 4.51 acres and the free-standing parking area of 1.39 acres. <br />The net density of the Project is 44 units per acre consistent with allowable density range <br />of 30 to 50 units per net acre provided by General Plan Land Use Policies. The net density <br />does not include the 20 -percent density increase (52 units) that is allowed pursuant to <br />California Government Code Section 65915 et seq. and Chapter 20.32 (Density Bonus) <br />of the NBMC in exchange for the 5 -percent or 13 units set aside for affordable housing. <br />Altogether, the Project has an overall density of 53 units per net acre. As the Project is <br />allocated from the remaining portion of 2,200 units which has already been considered <br />