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ORDINANCE NO. 2021-1 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, APPROVING PLANNED <br />COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PLAN AMENDMENT NO. <br />PD2020-001 FOR THE RESIDENCES AT 4400 VON <br />KARMAN PROJECT LOCATED AT 4400 VON KARMAN <br />AVENUE (PA2020-061) <br />WHEREAS, Section 200 of the City of Newport Beach ("City") Charter vests the <br />City Council with the authority to make and enforce all laws, rules and regulations with <br />respect to municipal affairs subject only to the restrictions and limitations contained. in the <br />Charter and the State Constitution, and the power to exercise, or act pursuant to any and <br />all rights, powers, and privileges, or procedures granted or prescribed by any law of the <br />State of California; <br />WHEREAS, an application was filed by TPG (KCN) Acquisition, LLC ("Applicant") <br />with respect to property located at 4400 Von Karman Avenue, generally bounded by Birch <br />Street and Von Karman Avenue, and legally described in Exhibit "A" which is attached <br />hereto and incorporated. herein by reference ("Property"); <br />WHEREAS, the Applicant is requesting approval for the development of 312 <br />apartment units atop an 825 -space parking structure, a 284 -space free-standing parking <br />structure, one -acre public park, and reconfiguration of existing surface parking lots serving <br />existing office buildings ("Project") which require the following approvals from the City: <br />• Planned Community Development Plan Amendment (PD2020-001) ("PCDP <br />Amendment") - An amendment to Planned Community Development Plan #15 <br />(Koll Center Newport Planned Community) for the creation of a residential overlay <br />zone and park overlay zone to allow for residential uses and a public park within <br />the Koll Center Newport Professional and Business Office Site B ("Office Site B"); <br />• Major Site Development Review (SD2020-006) ("SD") - A site development review <br />in accordance with the amended Koll Center Newport Planned Community and <br />Section 20.52.080 (Site Development Reviews) of the Newport Beach Municipal <br />Code ("NBMC") for the construction of the Project; <br />• Traffic Study (TS2020-001) ("TS") - A traffic study pursuant to Chapter 15.40 <br />(Traffic Phasing Ordinance) of the NBMC which is required for projects that <br />generate in excess of 300 new average daily trips; <br />• Lot Line Adjustment (LA2020-002) ("LA") - To adjust the lot lines of the two (2) <br />underlying parcels that comprise the Project; <br />