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Q �EwPpRT <br />CITY OF <br />O � <br />z NEWPORT BEACH <br /><,FORN'P City Council Staff Report <br />April 27, 2021 <br />Agenda Item No. 12 <br />TO: HONORABLE MAYOR AND MEMBERS OF THE CITY COUNCIL <br />FROM: Seimone Jurjis, Community Development Director - 949-644-3232, <br /> <br />PREPARED BY: Matt Schneider, Principal Planner <br /> <br />PHONE: 949-644-3219 <br />TITLE: Resolution No. 2021-36: Call for Review of Planning Commission's <br />Approval of a Mixed -Use Project at 2510 West Coast Highway <br />(PA2019-249) <br />ABSTRACT: <br />For the City Council's consideration is a Call for Review by Mayor Avery of the Planning <br />Commission's February 18, 2021, decision to approve a mixed-use development project <br />consisting of 35 residential dwelling units, including three affordable housing units, and <br />an 11,266 -square -foot boutique auto showroom, located at 2510 and 2530 West Coast <br />Highway. <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />a) Conduct a de novo public hearing; <br />b) Find this project exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) <br />pursuant to Section 15332 under Class 32 (In -fill Development Projects) of the CEQA <br />Guidelines, because it has no potential to have a significant effect on the environment; <br />and <br />c) Adopt Resolution No. 2021-36, A Resolution of the City Council of Newport Beach, <br />California, Upholding the Planning Commission's Approval of Coastal Development <br />Permit No. CD2019-062, Site Development Review No. SD2019-003, Conditional Use <br />Permit No. UP2019-054, Tentative Parcel Map No. NP2020-013, and Affordable <br />Housing Implementation Plan No. AH2O21-001 for a Mixed -Use Project Located at <br />2510 and 2530 West Coast Highway (PA2019-249); or <br />d) Direct staff to return with a Resolution reversing or modifying the Planning <br />Commission's approval of Coastal Development Permit No. CD2019-062, Site <br />Development Review No. SD2019-003, Conditional Use Permit No. UP2019-054, <br />Tentative Parcel Map No. NP2020-013, and Affordable Housing Implementation Plan <br />No. AH2O21-001 for a mixed-use project located at 2510 and 2530 West Coast <br />Highway (PA2019-249). <br />12-1 <br />