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PARK FEE POLICY <br />PURPOSE <br />61 4/011 , <br />FIX <br />The City of Newport Beach maintains an extensive park and open space system. The <br />acquisition and development of our park and open space properties is funded, in part, <br />through the payment of park fees paid by persons or entities who subdivide properties. <br />The Subdivision Map Act requires park fees to be used only for the purpose of <br />developing new or rehabilitating existing neighborhood or community park or <br />recreational facilities to serve the subdivision that paid the fees. The City is required to <br />develop a schedule specifying how, when and where the park fees will be used. The <br />purpose of this Policy is to establish the criteria to be used in deciding which facilities <br />serve subdivision residents and schedule whereby park fees are properly and timely <br />committed to appropriate projects. <br />POLICY <br />A. Service Criteria. <br />The Recreation and Open Space Element of the General Plan states that <br />community parks and view parks serve the entire City. Community parks are <br />those with improvements such as community buildings, parking, swimming, <br />facilities for picnicking, active sports and other facilities that serve a larger <br />population. Neighborhood parks which include unique recreational facilities, <br />such as basketball courts, tennis courts, turf areas, active sports fields, <br />community buildings, unique play areas or view parks are also considered <br />City -wide resources used by all citizens. Accordingly, park fees generated by <br />any subdivision within the City may be used to develop new or rehabilitate <br />existing community parks, view parks, and those neighborhood parks listed on <br />Exhibit A. <br />The Recreation and Open Space Element divides the City into 11 services areas <br />consisting of relatively discrete residential communities. These service areas <br />were created for the purpose of determining whether particular geographical <br />areas were deficient in terms of park and recreational facilities and to identify <br />acquisitions or improvements which would provide residents with greater <br />recreational opportunities. Accordingly, park fees generated by a subdivision <br />within any services are may be used to create new, or rehabilitate, existing park <br />or recreational facilities within that services area and as provided in the <br />Recreation and Open Space Element. <br />1