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D -1 <br />PRESS RELATIONS <br />A continuing responsibility of City Management is that of informing citizens about the <br />functions of City government. To ensure that timely City communications reach <br />citizens in an accurate form, the following procedures shall be adopted by all City <br />personnel, boards, commissions, and committees. <br />A. Speaking to the Print and Broadcast Media <br />1. Department Directors, or designated departmental representatives, may <br />handle routine requests from the media that are within their area of <br />expertise. Other employees who may be asked questions should refer the <br />reporter to the Department Director or designated representative. <br />2. Department Directors may address questions from the media on sensitive <br />issues relating to their area of expertise, including topics that may affect <br />City policy and /or matters that may ultimately result in Council action. <br />Department Directors are expected to inform and /or consult with the City <br />Manager about such interaction as appropriate. <br />3. Reports prepared by City staff for submission to the City Council, shall <br />not be shared with the media nor the general public until the agenda <br />packets have been delivered to the City Council. <br />4. Press releases shall not contain information which is confidential pursuant <br />to provisions of State or Federal statutory or decisional law, or has been <br />received by the City pursuant to a representation of confidentiality. <br />Documents or information exempt from disclosure pursuant to provisions <br />of the Government Public Records Act shall not be contained in any press <br />release without City Manager approval. <br />B. Press Releases <br />1. Press releases shall be prepared and routed to the City Manager for final <br />review before they are released to the media. Departments, boards, <br />commissions, or committees may send out releases publicizing specific <br />City events (date, time, place, etc.) or routine activities without submitting <br />said releases for review. All other press releases shall be routed for <br />comment to any department that would be affected by the release prior to <br />final approval by the City Manager. This requirement will ensure that <br />information is current and correct. <br />r-I <br />L J