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F -20 <br />RESERVE FUND FOR CULTURE AND ARTS <br />The City Council hereby recognizes the importance of promoting <br />culture and the arts within the City of Newport Beach. A number <br />of individuals and groups, such as the Arts Commission and Friends <br />of the Newport Theatre Arts Center, have been organized with the <br />express purpose of developing and promoting culture, theatre and <br />the arts. <br />The City would compliment these efforts by establishing a Reserve <br />Fund for Culture and Arts that can be used for a) developing a <br />master plan for the promotion of culture and arts; b) acquiring <br />land and /or the construction of facilities to promote culture and <br />arts and; c) instituting other cultural promotion projects. <br />The sum of money 'reserved each year shall be at the discretion of <br />the City Council and is to be held in reserve until specific cul- <br />tural or artistic planning, promotion and /or construction projects <br />are approved by the City Council. It is the policy of the City of <br />Newport Beach that expenditures from the reserve fund should be <br />matched equally by the community in the form of contributions and <br />donations. <br />In regard to the City's role in financially sponsoring art and <br />cultural events, the City Arts Commission shall review all programs <br />and requests for support from arts groups. The Commission shall <br />forward its recommendations for funding to the City Council for <br />final approval. Any appropriation shall not exceed 50% of the Arts <br />Commissions' annual budget. For the purpose of this policy, arts <br />groups shall be defined as those involved in visual, musical, <br />theatre, dance, crafts, performing and literary activities. <br />The following priorities shall be considered by the Commission. The <br />order of preference for granting support shall be as follows: <br />a) local arts groups located within the City and offering programs <br />to City residents; <br />b) regional arts groups located in Orange County and offering <br />programs to City residents; and <br />C) arts groups located in California and performing or offering <br />programs to City residents. <br />Groups not offering programs or services to local residents shall not <br />be eligible for support from the City. <br />Adopted - May 11, 1981 <br />Amended - November 14, 1983 <br />r