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H-4 <br />DORY FISHERMENS’ FLEET <br />It is a general policy of the City of Newport Beach that an area iramediately west of the <br />Newport Pier be reserved for the Newport Dory Fishermens’ Fleet. The dory fishing <br />fleet, founded in 1891, is a historical landmark designated by the Newport Beach <br />Historical Society. <br />The City Council, in developing an official position with respect to the dory fishing <br />fleet, has examined and evaluated the following: <br />A.The historical significance and relative size of the fishing fleet; <br />The desirability of preserving a small area of public beach for commercial dory <br />fishing fleet activity, primarily for catching and selling fish; and <br />The responsibility of the City to protect the health, safety and welfare of beach <br />users and swimmers in the vicinity of the dory fleet. <br />After considering these factors, the Newport Beach City Council has adopted policy <br />provisions concerning the Dory Fishermens’ Fleet operations. <br />The dory fishing fleet zone is delineated by pilings erected by the City and is <br />reserved for full time Dory Fishermen who derive their livelihood from <br />commercial fishing. Dory Fishermen are required to maintain a current <br />commercial fishing license. <br />B.Dory Fishermen will have a current City business license. <br />Dory fishing vessels allowed to be launched and stored on the public beach will <br />be a traditional dory design vessel. <br />The dory fishing fleet zone is not to be used as a launching facility for itinerant <br />commercial or sport fishing enterprises. <br />The use of vehicles to launch and retrieve boats during the summer months and <br />weekends in the spring and fall when beach use is heavy, will be restricted to the <br />hours before 11:00 a.m. and after 6:00 p.m. Vehicles and trailers used by the dory <br />fleet will be parked in a location and manner prescribed by the Fire Department.