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APPROVAL IN CONCEPT PERMIT <br />K -4 <br />5 -10 -76 <br />In order to comply with the provisions of Division 18 of the Public <br />Resources Code, entitled "California Coastal Zone Conservation <br />Commission ", and the South Coast Regional Commission's operating <br />regulations, it is necessary for the City of Newport Beach to <br />approve in concept all projects in its jurisdiction prior to any <br />action by the South Coast Regional Commission. In order to <br />facilitate this procedure, "Approval in Concept" permits shall <br />be issued. <br />There will be a basic permit fee of $25.00 to partially defray <br />the cost of processing these permits. However, a fee of $10.00 <br />will be charged for minor applications such as signs, swimming <br />pools and jacuzzis, patios, decks, fences and any similar appli- <br />cations for projects which would not increase the floor area or <br />intensity of use. <br />Adopted June 10, 1974 <br />Amended May 27, 1975 <br />Amended May 10, 1976 <br />is