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CODE ENFORCEMENT <br />PURPOSE <br />K -9 <br />The City of Newport Beach devotes substantial resources to the enforcement of its <br />Ordinances. The City's Ordinances are intended to protect and preserve public health <br />and safety, the charm of our residential neighborhoods, and the overall quality of life <br />enjoyed by Newport Beach residents. The City Council understands the importance of <br />enforcing our Ordinances and is committed to doing so. However, enforcement of <br />these Ordinances affects the rights of citizens who are the subject of complaints or <br />enforcement actions. Accordingly, the City Council directs that all code enforcement <br />activity shall be conducted in accordance with the following: <br />A. The City may initiate a formal code enforcement action based on any of the <br />following: <br />An enforcement officer's observation; <br />A written complaint; <br />A complaint from an individual that an enforcement officer deems <br />reliable. <br />B. Requests for inspections of private property not open to the general public or not <br />visible from adjoining public or private property shall not be made unless there <br />is sufficient evidence to support the issuance of an inspection warrant for the <br />property that is the subject of the request; <br />C. Written code enforcement complaints shall identify the complainant, specific <br />facts, acts, or events and occurrences which establish the violation and describe <br />any documentation which would establish a violation or is otherwise required by <br />law; <br />D. The City considers code enforcement complaints to be confidential. The City will <br />use its best efforts to preserve the confidentiality of any complaint with the <br />understanding that the City will be required to disclose the identity of the <br />complainant to the extent required by law; <br />E. All code enforcement activities, including investigative property inspections, <br />requests for consent to inspect, and related activities shall be conducted such that <br />the civil rights of the individual or individuals who are the subject of the <br />investigation are fully protected; <br />1