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L-9 <br />CONVERSION OF PUBLIC STREETS TO PRIVATE STREETS <br />The conversion of public streets to private streets involves the vacation of public street <br />rights-of-way after the City Council makes a finding that the street is unnecessary for <br />present or prospective public use. The actual street vacation process described in the <br />State of California Streets and Highway Code must be followed. Since the streets to be <br />vacated will still be used as streets for private purposes, it will be necessary to insure <br />that there is a responsible body to take over the operation, maintenance, and liabilities <br />of the streets. In most instances this can be a rather lengthy and complicated process. <br />The following steps are to be used as a guide to completing the conversion process: <br />Ao Poll all property owners that would be affected by the conversion of public <br />streets to private streets and submit results in a letter to the Public Works <br />Department. The poll should be in the form of a petition that provides the <br />residents with information concerning costs, obligations, and liabilities related to <br />the conversion of a public street to a private street. An estimate of annual costs <br />and the cost of processing the conversion should be provided. The community <br />association and/or sponsors will be responsible for preparing all legal <br />documents, engineering drawings, mailings to property owners and other items <br />related to the vacation. <br />In preparing the information concerning costs, obligations, and liab’flities related <br />to the conversion of a public street to a private street, the following is to be <br />designated as a private responsibility: <br />Liability insurance which guarantees indemnification of and a defense for <br />the City should any lawsuit arise from any loss related to the use of the <br />street or other private improvement subsequent to the vacation. <br />A performance bond or other security satisfactory to the Public Works <br />Director is required to guarantee that the association will maintain the <br />streets and other facilities granted to the association. <br />Street maintenance will include keeping the street driving surface in a <br />good state of repair (striping and signage, overlays, slurry seals, patching <br />and reconstruction). Curbs, gutters, and sidewalks are to be maintained <br />so as to not present a safety hazard. Street sweeping, if the community <br />elects to sweep their streets, will be required.